5 Simple Techniques For Pediatrian

Inside a forbidden library at the heart in the Vatican, the Pope urges the Doctor to examine an ancient text…

Doctor on the Church, a title supplied to People with good contribution to Christian theology or doctrine

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2. a one that has received the very best university degree in almost any subject matter. doktor دُكْتور: دَرَجَة دُكْتوراه доктор doutor doktor der Doktor doktor διδάκτορας doctor doktor شخص دارای عنوان دکتری tohtori docteur/-eure תוֹאָר ד”ר विद्वान doktor znanosti doktor (egyetemi fokozat) doktor doktor dottore 博士 박사 daktaras doktors doktor doctordoktordoktor سړی د داکتری عنوان سره doutor doctor доктор doktor, -ka doktor doktor doktor ดุษฎีบัณฑิต doktor 博士 доктор کسی موضوع میں سب سے اونچی ڈگری حاصل کرنے والا شخص tiến sỹ 博士

states I must Enable or not it's for at least two months, And that i signify to stick by him. The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson I could get together for your number of several hours, after which I'll Have got a doctor

home health practitioner, resident doctor, resident - a health practitioner (Specifically an intern) who life within a healthcare facility and cares for hospitalized sufferers underneath the supervision in the professional medical workers of your clinic; "the resident was receiving Exclusive clinical teaching in the medical center"

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dockworker dockyard doco docosahexaenoic acid docosanoic doctor doctor faustus doctor livingstone i presume doctor martens doctor of philosophy doctor of the church

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Mercifully the doctor didn't say this so the outdated gentleman could listen to, for he was even now clinging on the faith that tomorrow or up coming day he will be far better, and could go back to his occupation.

2. A practitioner of other medicine or folk drugs who doesn't have classic health-related credentials.

doctor - children go ahead and take read more roles of medical professional or individual or nurse and faux They're in the physician's office; "the youngsters explored one another's bodies by actively playing the game of doctor"

For, visiting the doorway from the Doctor's home and searching in, he perceived that the shoemaker's bench and instruments had been set aside again, and the Doctor himself sat studying within the window.

doctor - restore by changing a part or Placing with each other exactly what is torn or broken; "She fixed her Television established"; "Mend my shoes remember to"

, doctor -ra mf* ; — on call médico de guardia; spouse and children — médico de cabecera, médico de la familia; on-simply call — médico de guardia; Principal care — médico de atención primaria, médico de cabecera; private — médico privado (

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